title>vietnam vets motorcycle & legacy vets mc membership

Becoming a member of the Viet Nam Vets / Legacy Vets Motorcycle Club(the largest vets MC in the world). It starts with one requirement....Be ACTIVE or FORMER MILITARY. **WE DON"T DO ONLINE APPS OR SIGN UPS!!!

The Viet Nam Vets / Legacy Vets M/C is a unique body of men. We all give 150% to our Club and to our Brothers. We have NO class system. Society's distinctions, which are based on education, vocation or financial status have NO BEARING to our Brotherhood.

We pledge to always be there for our Brothers in need.

If you are interested in finding out more and are willing to dedicate yourself to our cause, our Club and most of all our Brotherhood; Walk up and introduce yourself to a
VNV/LV M/C member or e-mail us to have a chapter in your area contact you. Info required is , Name- Location- **PHONE**- Bike- Branch- Service Dates. You will not be contacted by email.


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